SB Corner Store

The SB Corner Store has everything you need for last-minute grab-and-go food items, beverages and toiletries. We offers an online experience so that you can skip the usage of reusable plastic baskets, re-usable shopping bags, and shopping carts to carry your groceries or other personal items home.

Buy Groceries Products

100% satisfaction is assured. We will gladly refund or replace your order if it is defective. For same-day, contactless delivery, order groceries online from supermarkets, convenience stores, and other retailers. Keep track of their arrival minute by minute.

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Buy Asian Candy Products

Our new store specialises in Asian foods and confections! You may even order some of your favourite snacks from the comfort of your own home via our website. We take pride in ensuring that our customers get exactly what they want at a reasonable price.

We have chocolate, mint, gummies, and hard candy. Pocky, Taiyaki, Red Bean, and other iconic Asian delicacies have all the greatest sweets you love, from fruity to creamy to chocolaty. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for something to chew on or something to make your tastebuds sing with delight.

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Buy Bubble Tea Products

Our new SB Corner Store is a small slice of bliss. Sip and slurp your favourite bubble tea flavours whenever you want from the comfort of your corner couch, workplace, or backyard hammock. Our Corner Store idea focuses on providing the SB community with fresh, ready-to-eat food. From tapioca milk tea to hot pot, we serve a variety of popular Taiwanese dishes and beverages.

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Buy Curry Sauce Products

You’ll get the finest curry experience imaginable thanks to our special blend. It’s not just your favourite flavours combined together, but a series of flavours that our chefs have meticulously planned, created, and balanced. As you cook with our Curry Sauces, you may enjoy the delicious scents that will fill your kitchen.

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Buy Asian Sauce Products

It’s all about making amazing food fresh, fast, and easy at the SB corner store. Bottled Asian-inspired sauces allow you to make bold, flavorful foods on the fly. Make a list of your favourites. SB Corner Store sauces let you keep as many or as few Asian sauces in your pantry as you choose. This collection of easy-to-cook sauces is made entirely of natural ingredients.

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Buy Coffee Products

The SB Corner Store selection of gourmet coffee products is designed with you in mind, with great value and ease of delivery. Brew your favourite grinds at home with the convenient packaging and large variety, or enjoy your favourite gourmet artisanal coffee wherever you are. SB Corner Store has a coffee for every mood and moment.

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Buy Instant Noodle Products

The Corner Store sells instant noodles as well as a variety of other convenience store items. For a quick supper or late-night snack, choose from the instant noodle variety. You can also place an order online and pick it up at a time that is convenient for you at the SB Corner Store!

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Buy Seasoning and Spices Products

The SB Corner Store is a curated collection of gourmet, gluten-free, vegan, and speciality kitchen items that are hard to come by outside of the specialised food market. Seasoning combinations for chicken, lamb, pig, seafood, and vegetables are handcrafted with fresh spices from across the world and ground in-house. New seasonings for meats and fish, marinades and rubs for breaded meals, spices for casseroles and desserts—we’ve got it all. We strive to deliver high-quality materials at affordable costs so you can cook like a professional chef in the comfort of your own home!

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Buy Health and Beauty Products

The ideal present for life’s in-between moments — anywhere, at any time. From hair products to skin care, the SB corner store offers a one-stop shop for your health and wellbeing needs. Our products are highly concentrated, quickly absorbed, effective, and cost-efficient, allowing you to be your best self.

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Buy Puzzle Products

The SB Corner Store is a fun online puzzle store with a large variety of jigsaw puzzles ranging in size from 1000 to 2000 pieces. Animal puzzles, fruit puzzles, and Disney puzzles are among the many types of puzzles we offer.

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Buy Personal Hygiene Products

The great present for those in-between moments in life — anytime, anywhere. The SB corner store has everything you need for your health and wellbeing, from hair products to skin care. Our products are highly concentrated, swiftly absorbed, effective, and cost-effective, allowing you to be the best version of yourself.

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