DUDE Body Powder, Menthol Chill 4 Ounce (3 Bottle Pack) Natural Deodorizers Cooling Menthol & Aloe, Talc Free Formula, Corn-Starch Based Daily Post-Shower Deodorizing Powder for Men

Keep your cool on and off the field with Dude Body Powder, Corn-starch based, talc-free, Daily Post-Shower Deodorizing Powder. Transforms the most clammy pits to a comfortable cool. Cooling Menthol with Aloe in a convenient 3-pack.



Crisp, clean feel. Fresh scent. Long lasting coolness. DUDE’s unique cornstarch based cool formula is perfect for helping keep your body dry and odor free, Long-lasting Cooling Menthol & Aloe keeps you fresh all day long.