DUDE Body Powder, Tropic Breeze 4 Ounce (3 Bottle Pack) Natural Deodorizers With Citrus Extracts & Aloe, Talc Free Formula, Corn-Starch Based Daily Post-Shower Deodorizing Powder for Men

Keep your body smelling fresh and your mind at peace after showering with our Dude Body Powder. Dude’s blend of natural ingredients works for you by absorbing sweat and keeping you dry. Uniquely formulated for men, it contains natural deodorizers with citrus extracts and aloe, talc-free powder and corn-starch based ingredients which are easy on the skin in all 3 varieties: Classic, Fresh and Clean.



Award winning Dude Body Powder is a corn-starch based daily deodorizing powder for men… it is talc free and gluten free and is designed to be used daily after your shower or anytime. Our Dude Body powder formula creates a smooth, dry, healthy feel, with natural aloe and citric extracts that leave your skin feeling soft. Most importantly, our body powder formula uses corn-starch as its main ingredient so it’s safe for sensitive skin and won’t irritate like many other brands on the market made with baking soda (which can be very harsh on sensitive skin)