DUDE Body Powder, Tropic Breeze 4 Ounce Bottle Natural Deodorizers With Citrus Extracts & Aloe, Talc Free Formula, Corn-Starch Based Daily Post-Shower Deodorizing Powder for Men

Tropic breeze Anti-Perspirant talc free daily deodorizing powder for men. Cornstarch based to prevent skin irritation from metal antiperspirant ingredients and cornstarch base absorbs wetness not like talcum powder. It locks in wetness any place you need it. Made in U.S.A., dermatologist tested, hypo-allergenic, talc-free, deodorizing powder won’t show in your clothes.



Keep your body feeling cool and fresh with Dude Body Powder, a talc-free formula that provides a long-lasting feeling of softness after every shower. Made with natural ingredients such as cornstarch, aloe leaf extract, vitamin E, and citrus extracts, this cornstarch based non-talc formula won’t leave residue on clothes.