DUDE Shower Body Wipes 10 Count Wet Wipes Individually Wrapped for Travel Unscented Naturally Soothing Aloe and Hypoallergenic, Portable Travel-Sized Individual Cleansing Cloths for Men

A portable solution for cleansing after facing long, hard days on the mountain and out in the elements. The DUDE Shower Body Wipes are ready to go anywhere you want to be and easily fit in your pocket or wallet. Just tear off, scrub down, and get back to adventuring. Each pack includes 10 individual wipes that are hypoallergenic, naturally soothing and unscented so you can enjoy your experiences without any irritating fragrances.



This is a tiny thing you can do right now to make yourself feel better. DUDE Shower Body Wipes are designed to help you look and feel fresh after shaving, or anytime. 100% naturally soothing, no matter where. These unscented, travel-size wipes are pre-moistened, individually wrapped for portability and easy to use anywhere. Because DUDE wipes are individually wrapped, you always have a clean one at the ready — just pop one out when nature calls. The wipe itself feels amazing on your skin.