Eurographics 6000-0654 Cacti and Succulents Jigsaw Puzzle (1000-Piece)

Life is a puzzle. And you know what they say about life’s puzzles: the more pieces, the better. With 1,000 pieces, this Eurographics collection is a lovely jigsaw puzzle featuring some of nature’s most stunning cacti and succulents.



Discover the world of jigsaw puzzles with Eurographics’ Cacti and Succulents 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle. This extra-thick, extra-durable cardboard jigsaw puzzle has a beautifully finished, fade resistant surface for a crisp, clear image. Each puzzle piece is precisely cut so that when you’re done, the pieces will fit snugly back inside their bag and the puzzle will store flat. Take it with you and have fun creating beautiful images – games for mind and relaxation.