Eurographics 6000-5420 Russian Matryoshka Dolls 1000-Piece Puzzle

The quality and intricate detail of this 1000-Piece puzzle will fascinate you. This piece can be enjoyed by adults, teens, and children alike. It can also offer the challenge of many other 1000-Piece puzzles. The image is produced on a high quality level of paper. Each design was meticulously crafted with a great attention to detail.



Thirty-one of the world’s most famous Russian dolls from the Old Believer tradition are stacked on top of one another in this 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle. The adorable nesting dolls are arranged in a family tree where the youngest is at the bottom and each successive doll is slightly larger so that each smaller doll fits into his or her place within the larger one. The matryoshka dolls featured in this puzzle are from right here in the good old USA!