G7 Strong 2X Vietnamese 3 in 1 Coffee 21.16oz(600g), 24 Sticks

Like the coffee shops in Vietnam, this blend of G7 coffee is made using only pure Arabica beans and traditional methods by skilled artisans. Enjoy all of the flavour and smoothness of a Vietnamese coffee in an instant with our 3 in 1 Instant Coffee—100% Arabica.With one sip of G7 coffee, you’ll feel like you’re in Vietnam. Like most of the world’s best coffees, G7 is grown and roasted south of the equator–but unlike French and Italian roasts, this light brown, fragrant coffee is only lightly toasted so it brings out the best flavour of the beans. The coffee grew to popularity because its smoothed, sweet taste pairs well with milk and hot chocolate for those who can’t stand black coffee. Each box contains 24 stick-size packets that are individually wrapped for freshness and portability.