Paldo Chajang Noodle 4-Pack (4x200g) (JJAJANG Men)

Leading the pack of Korean Food to become the most widely-known Korean Food brand in the world, Paldo, is a traditional Korean company that has roots back to 1935. A world-class producer, marketer, and exporter of korean food, Paldo is the home of Korea’s famous Noodle Soup Product Chajangmyun (Chilled Noodles with Black Bean Sauce) & Jjambong (Black Bean Sauce Noodles), as well as many other beloved traditional korean foods.



The JjaJang Men (noodle and sauce) is the most beloved noodle dish in Korea. The chajang (black bean paste) is really important to make this dish right. It creates a complex taste that will make your mouth water from the first bite.